The merry Lithuanian folk group Margai is a project of professional musicians who are studying or have graduated the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. To present the Lithuanian music in a professional, interesting and colourful way to Lithuanian guests and residents, the musicians gathered in a group that plays with all the Lithuanian folk musical instruments. Lithuanian folk music is very colourful, interesting and melodic. There are so many wonderful songs of nature, war, and the Lithuanian favourite beer, while dreamy love romances leave no indifferent listeners. Sutartinės (polyphonic songs) played on skudučiai (pan-pipes) or just sung are so colourful and authentic. Lithuanian music in general is unthinkable without fun polkas and melodic waltzes. Knowing all this, we called our group Margai.

The core of the group that represents the art of the Lithuanian nation to Lithuanians and foreigners already exists for almost ten years since 2003. In 2011, the group decided to invite more colleagues so that their music becomes more diverse, more interesting to listeners, and that the music spree leaves a lasting impression. Until now, the former ensemble instruments – birbynė, accordion and drum – were complemented by kanklės (chordophone), skrabalai (tuned percussion instrument), tenor birbynė, ožragis (goat-horn), sekminių rageliai (shepherd’s instrument), etc., and the dancers joined. Music programs not only consist of professional music, singing, but also the interest in conducting involving the listeners and encouraging them to sing, play and dance with the musicians. The group conducts its performances in the Lithuanian, English or Russian languages.

During the event, you will have no time to get bored!